4,000 attend Miami Bitcoin Con

The American Bitcoin Conference held in Miami last week brought together some 4,000 people, including businessmen, investors, lawyers and leaders who met to speak with the cryptographic community.

Dr. Mo Levin Dr. Mo Levin receives the highest guarantee of the Lewis Kang Blucheen Award from the NLDP Productions

The conference has come a long way from the 100 attendees to the event in 2012. Its founder, Dr. Mo Levin, organized the event this year to inform the community of encryption of current developments, investment opportunities and trends and provide a great atmosphere for communication.

Among the speakers in the industry, the James L. Kenneth Conference Center as CEO Patrick Patrick Stacker and the American Institute of Economic Research Jeffrey Tucker and Executive Director Charlie Sherim Pettesten addressed a crowded audience. They talked about Plucheen's technology, digital assets, economic history and the future of Plucheen's technologies such as Betcuen.

Two weeks before the opening of the conference, the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments to buy tickets due to "network congestion" was stopped. However, the event showed that there are benefits of the decentralization of some central systems.

Shawn Walsh said in his "Bitcoin Break" that the CryptoCirrency market has unpretentious characteristics and that it does not obtain its basic value in a traditional way like the stock markets to which most investors are accustomed.

Many speakers advised that we are in a bubble. Charlie Shrem in Friend Chath said that although it is possible to invest in many companies related to different blockers, some of these companies fail. However, even if only two of the 100 companies invest in success, it may be worth it. Then I mentioned Shrim bubble dot com, where tons of sites like Pets.com are falling behind. However, we also obtained sites like Amazon and Google that emerged from the dot-com bubble and flourished.

Bruce Fenton, founder and CEO of Xinston Labs, gets a tool to analyze digital assets, evaluate and estimate their possible success. Fenton spoke about the 100-point investment valuation tool called Spasuit X.

The exhibition hall was composed mainly of companies that were looking to launch their projects in the coming months and companies that offer development techniques in the Blucheen space, such as A, Petchem ATMs and virtual reality. Several companies also offered to attend the conference room regarding the objectives of their project in the hope of obtaining financing from investors.

With the market capitalization of the crypto market increasing, the number of encryption investors increases. A regulatory body concluded that the regulation of cryptogenesis is on the way to criminal prosecution and consumer protection policy.